11th century

BMN Montecassino Cod. 132 De rerum naturis, c. 1025

Hardware needed: 2 rings. This bridle appears to have a brow band but the details of any attachment points are unclear.

BNF Latin 6 (3) Biblia Sancti Petri Rodensis (Roda Bible) c. 1050-1100

Hardware needed: 1 ring. This manuscript is of particular interest because all the horses are shown wearing ONLY nosebands (perhaps metal cavessons?) with the reins attached under the chin. 

Bayeux Tapestry, c. 1070s

Hardware needed: 2 rings or bridle bosses. The bit appears to have decorative bosses on it as well.

Hardware needed: 2 rings. The cheekpiece appears to be looped through the ring near the ear, becoming the browband. The crownpiece is a separate piece. Noseband and cheekpiece both appear to be attached to the bit ring.

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