12th century

BL Additional 11695 Beatus of Liebana (Silos Apocalypse)

Hardware needed: 2 bridle bosses, 1 buckle for throat latch (presumed). This bridle may be made of fabric, based on the mottled appearance of the straps.

BL Burney 216 Historia adversus paganos, c. 1126-1175

Hardware needed: 2 rings, 1 buckle for throatlatch (presumed). This bridle appears to have ear loops.

ThULB Ms. Bos. q.6 Chronicle of Otto of Freising, c. 1157-1185

Hardware needed: 1 crescent ring on browband (optional). The bridles in this manuscript appear to be made of rope or a woven material, based on thickness, the knotted end of the browband,  and the lack of fittings.

BL Harley 2895 Charité-sur-Loire Psalter, c. 1175-1200

Hardware needed: 2 chape ends, 2 bridle bosses, a dozen decorative studs/belt mounts. This bridle is quite similar to those seen in the mid 13th century.

BNF Latin 15675 Moralia in Job, c. 1175-1200

Hardware needed: 2 bridle bosses, 2 bit bosses, several dozen decorative studs. The ear loop on this bridle appears stylized and may not reflect how it was actually constructed - the Manessa Codex seems to portray similar bridles but shows the ear loop construction in more detail

Hortus Deliciarum, c. 1185

Hardware needed: 2 bridle bosses, 2 bit bosses, several dozen belt mounts. The stylized bit on the end of the broadband is curious - in other manuscripts this piece has been a chape end, but in this it does not appear to be one.

Amiens BM MS.108 Navarre Picture Bible, c. 1197

Hardware needed: 2 bridle rings. It's difficult to tell because of the quality of the image, but based on the thickness of the lines, this bridle may be of rope or a thin woven material.

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